Full Stack React Developer

Hello, I am Joerg Braeutigam, a german Full Stack App Developer.

I am working with React, React Native, Tailwind CSS,
and experience with NodeJS, Remix and PHP in the backend.

Software Solutions for the Industrial and Energy Sectors

I offer tailor-made software solutions precisely aligned with the unique needs and challenges of your industry. With my expertise, I can enhance your processes, drive automation, and consequently increase efficiency while conserving resources.
I'm committed to helping modernize outdated systems and accelerate digital transformation. My goal is to provide your company with a decisive technological edge.
Beyond the industrial and energy sectors, I also extend my services to the healthcare and financial sectors. Please note that my offer is exclusively for companies located in the USA and Canada.

Technologie Stack

I have an extensive background in the tech sector, spanning multiple platforms and languages. With a solid 20 years of experience in PHP and MySQL, I possess a deep and thorough understanding of web back-end development. This foundation is further enriched by my 10 years of specialized work with the PrestaShop, and most importantly, shopify platform, highlighting my expertise in e-commerce solutions.

I also have expertise in the JavaScript ecosystem, having dedicated 5 years to mastering the language. Over recent years, I've kept pace with the industry's rapid evolution, adding modern technologies to my skill set. This includes a year of hands-on experience with React for web development, React Native for mobile applications, and Electron for Windows desktop applications.

All in all, I offer a broad and comprehensive skill set, cultivated over decades of continuous learning and hands-on experience in the field.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Mail: office@joerg-braeutigam.com
MS Teams: Link to teams